Mother’s Day Nail Art From Mars The Salon

At MARS the Salon, located in West Hollywood, artist Ayumi Namaizawa has come up with the quintessential “Mommy Love” creation! The nail design features a mother’s favorites including flowers, hearts, and an “I Love Mom” message, the perfect combo to put a smile on your mom’s face.

  1. Apply base coat.
  2. Apply white color on thumb, middle, and pinky, and light pink color on index and ring finger.
  3. Draw “*” shape with pastel yellow color on thumb. And draw some flower petal with pastel purple, and light pink colors.
  4. Draw dots with pastel yellow on middle finger. Draw flower petal around the yellow dots with light pink, light orange, light blue, and pastel purple.
  5. Draw outer lines of flowers on thumb and middle fingers with brown color.
  6. Draw “I ♡ mom” with white and red color on ring finger, and draw little heart on index and pinky finger with white and light pink color.
  7. Apply top coat.


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