Classy Nail Colors to Try This Year

BeFunky Collage

New year, new you; right? But what about new nails?! You don’t want to deck yourself out with the latest trends in your wardrobe with the most dazzling jewels to match and forget to manicure those beautiful hands of yours. And to be perfectly honest, there’s no better accessory than perfectly beautified nails! These classy nail colors are hip and trendy for 2016, but also oozing with sophistication and elegance for my fancy ladies out there.

Dark Navy
While periwinkle blue is one of the trendiest nail colors for 2016, the sultry color on the other side of the blue spectrum is also surging with popularity: dark navy. Dark navy is royal and seductive, the perfect color for any woman who wants a rich color that’s not too bold but still striking.

Stereotyped as being ‘gothic’, ‘punk’, or ‘grunge’, the refined lady may stay away from black nail polish. But black is also incredibly sexy; what’s a gal to do? Consider charcoal as your next color of choice. Not quite black but not quite gray, it’s a gorgeous and alluring deep shade that matches easily with any wardrobe.

If one color oozes with sex appeal and utter refinement, it’s undoubtedly red. To keep your look especially dignified, consider deeper shades of red rather than bright, perky reds that tend to draw attention for the wrong reasons.

Nail Art
Nail art is HOT for 2016, but be careful with this one! A lot of nail art can appear tacky and gaudy. Save yourself the embarrassment and indulge in nail art that’s simple yet exquisite.

After reading through this list, anyone else excited to head to the store for some new polish? Which color will you choose first?

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